A spin bike is a piece of updated equipment for exercise. The spin bike is also known as a stationary bike and exercise bike. It is indoor equipment that can be found at fitness studios and gyms. It is dedicated to providing a full-body workout at once. A spin bike is the best utensil to perform cardio and is highly effective to strengthen the body muscles along with hips, thighs, shoulders, and abs.

Spin bikes are the alternative to cycles. Obviously, in this fast era, traditional cycling is not possible for everyone. For the convenience of the people who are working hard to achieve their fitness goals, the spin bike has been designed to commute indoor.

The spin bike can also be used at home. If you are an introvert and don’t like to go to public or private gyms and are shy to perform activities with others, then you can easily buy one for you to keep in your room. Cycling is also very effective to burn calories and reducing belly fat. By the research, a spin bike can burn more than 350 calories in only 45 minutes.

Moreover, the spin bike comes up with incredible features which could not be found in traditional cycles. No doubt, these amazing features help a lot in the fitness journey and will make your ride interesting and enjoyable. I am listing down the interesting and productive features of the spin bike.


Features of spin bike

  • Transportation wheels: it makes the ride effortless and helps to lift the weight easily.


  • Handlebars: They help to create a grip during cycling and provide a safe ride.
  • Padded seat: It always comes up to adjust according to the height and proximity. It also has an option to adjust it in the contract with handlebars.
  • Flywheel: It makes the cycling smooth and continuous. It also helps to improve resistance.
  • Cage pedals: For safety purposes, the spin bike has cage-type pedals to keep the feet from any injury or slipping out.
  • Water bottler holder: during a workout, it is very necessary to keep yourself hydrated. For this reason, spin bikes have this feature to hold your bottles throughout the cycling.
  • Display screens: Mostly the spin bikes have a display screen option that keeps your progress on track. For example, the number of burnt calories, odometer, distance covered, pulse, etc.

 The high-quality spin bikes are made up of stainless steel which is durable due to their sturdy and thick framing. They can be used over years without causing any problem. Hence, the investment in the spin bike will not let you regret it.

Indoor Cycling tips

If you are a beginner cyclist, so possibly you don’t have an idea how to do perfect cycling. Even if you are a practicing cyclist, still you need some guidance and tips to improve your cycling. Here, I will let you know the important tips and guidelines to be determined during cycling. I know that continuous riding is boring until you don’t have something to divert the mind. Hence, here I am mentioning some effective tips and tricks to make your ride interesting.


Indoor riding doesn’t mean that you have to complete it at once. Continuous rides make cycling boring and torture. Professional fitness trainers always recommend limiting the ride maximum of 60 minutes and then take some rest, warm up yourself, hydrate yourself and after recovering your energy, go for another session of riding.

●       Change the methods:

Rather than practicing the same boring method of cycling, again and again, you should try different easy or hard cycling techniques. It will help to engage your mind and will give you endure workout for the whole body and even for strengthening the muscles.

●       Keep your mind busy:

Sometimes, when we start giving attention to our body our mind goes into ignorance. So, the trainers recommend keeping your deprived mind engage in something interesting. Some thoughts, music, movies, TV and many more. Even, most of the spin bikes have device holders in which you can easily place your cell phone, tablet or iPad to keep watching movies or anything you want.

●       Keep yourself cool:

To perform effective cycling, you should have to keep yourself cool and chill. During indoor cycling, you cannot have original winds. For this reason, you can put the pedestal fan at a little distance from yourself, so the air will directly come to you and your sweating could be dry soon. This is a very necessary tip to be implemented because without getting cool you will be dehydrated and your blood pressure could be below. A maximum cooling environment can offer you to achieve the maximum fitness goals.

●       Keep yourself hydrated:

This is another most important tip to be considered during cycling or even in any kind of workout. Don’t let your stamina goes worst. Drink an excessive amount of water or any energy-boosting drink throughout the workout. According to the recommendation, you should drink at least one big bottle in an hour because it helps to boost energy and to replace carbohydrates.

●       Get classes:

If you are new to cycling, so the recommended side for you is to join any indoor health club at least once. The trainers will professionally train you. Hence, the many questions that click in your mind about cycling will be cleared. And also you will get to know about different types of spin bikes available in the market.

●       Observe yourself:

The most important thing to make yourself perfect is to observe yourself. How are you placing your feet? How are you moving your legs? How are you gripping the handlebars? To get all your answers, just place a mirror right after you and watch yourself throughout the cycling.

Other tips to be considered

  • Fix your seat:

To perform comfortable cycling, the correct adjustment of a seat is necessary. It depends on your height that how high you want it? Stand just right after the seat and make sure that the seat is equal to your hip level. Now, place your feet on the pedals and hit them to the bottom in a way that your legs stretch completely without any jerk. Your knees should be blended slightly.

●       Wear a comfortable dress:

Just remember that your body is going to sweat a lot during your entire cycling. Hence, you should wear a dress which absorbs sweating instantly. Preferably you should wear sports jerseys or fitted clothes. You can also wear sports shoes. They will grip on the pedals and prevent the feet to be slipped down.


Benefits of Indoor cycling

When the weather distracts your outdoor cycling, indoor cycling welcomes you. Like other exercise techniques, indoor cycling is also full of tremendous physical and health advantages. Let’s talk about them!

●       Muscular endurance:

Muscular endurance is the potential of the muscles; they can put in the continuous exertion of force. When you repeatedly apply the force to resist the pedals of the cycle, it eventually produces strength in your legs including hamstrings, calf muscles, gluteus and quadriceps. Further, indoor cycling is the whole body work out so it also enhances the working of organs, endurance of bones and boosts the working of metabolism. Overall, indoor cycling makes your body strong enough to perform the daily as well as difficult tasks of life.

●       Cardiac endurance:

Cycling is a kind of arduous and scrupulous exercise. It enhances the breathing system due to its up and down activity. According to the research, the goal of a healthy life can be achieved by cycling 30-60 minutes a day. Doctors recommend cycling to heart patients because it helps to pump the blood to the heart from the body and improves the cardiovascular. It also prevents from having any heart disease.

●        Release stress and anxiety:

When you engage yourself in physical activity, eventually it leaves an impact on your mental health too. Regular cycling will release your stress by improving the emotional hormone endorphin in your body. Cycling might build your confidence when you end up achieving your desired fitness goals. Hence, you might feel happy and motivated about your abilities.

●        Burn calories:

This easy and high-intensity workout torches more than 350 calories in only 45 minutes. Although the number of burnt calories are depending upon the health of the cyclist it gives rapid calories burning side to start losing weight from the first week.

●        Effortless workout:

The transportation wheels on the spin bike will never let you lift the weight anymore. They make the ride easier and effortless by carrying the weight. Hence, your energy will be stored and you can easily enjoy a literally healthy workout.

●        Easy for joints:

Unlike running and risky workouts, indoor cycling will not bother your joints and will prevent them from any kind of cracks or pains. Since it is a low-impacting exercise it offers minimum stress over joints.

●        Availability:

Indoor cycling, especially when you have a spin bike at your home fitness studio. You can perform cycling whenever you want. But in outdoor cycling, you are dependent on weather, time, area and many tangible things. Indoor cycling is the best option for busy people, who rarely got time for themselves. It is also good for the girls and housewives who are not comfortable performing outdoor cycling.

●        Riding styles

Indoor cycling offers you to adjust your bike according to your need or requirements. It means you can try different riding styles but outdoor cycling doesn’t have this option. You have to complete your way in only one and fixed speed and adjustment. Moreover, in indoor cycling, you can adjust the seat, the handlebars, the pedal stroke, the resistance level, the speed and many more. Even in an advanced spin bike you can keep track of your progress and can set the bike accordingly.


Now you are all ready to start cycling! I hope the above information will help you to start or improve your indoor cycling journey. In the end, I would mention the two things to be considered while doing a workout; one is confident and the other is consistency. Keep confidence in what you are doing. Stay consistent with what you are doing. If you want to be a perfect cyclist, then you should practice it with consistent behavior because practice makes a man perfect!