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  Sunny health and fitness are providing their best to their customers so they can easily achieve their fitness goals while keeping themselves healthy. They are the best fitness utensils manufacturers and providers. They use high-quality materials to make durable and productive appliances for people who want to accommodate their fitness journey from home.


The hook factor of sunny health and fitness is that they always launch their spin bikes with a driven belt and heavy flywheels. Like that SF – B1002/C has been designed in a way that it is suitable for both the beginner and the professional trainers. Also for the home and commercial use. It has all the professional bike features. For instance, a heavy flywheel of 49 LB, a high-intensity resistance procedure, a safe driven belt, convenient handlebars to grip on, an adjustable seat, and a water bottle holder. Sunny health and fitness indoor spin bike SF – B1002/C is the perfect addition for those who are just looking forward to starting their fitness routine from the comfort of their home. It doesn’t equip a lot of space and it is durable so it will last for years. The best thing is that it is very reasonable so everyone can afford it. If you are lazy enough to go outside for exercise, then it is the best option you might go for. It will make your ride crazy as like you are riding on the orbital road. In this article, you will find and everything about sunny health and fitness indoor belt-driven exercise bike SF – B1002/C. let’s go ahead.

Main Features

49 LB, 22 kg weighted sturdy flywheel will make it strong enough to give a smooth and continuous ride. High-intensity adjustable resistance with an easy knob to twist and adjust the resistance quickly. The convenient and adjustable seat can be adjusted according to your height and proximity with the contract of handlebars to make the workout easier. Sturdy transportation wheels to make the ride effortless. Measurements 44 inches’ height 20 inches’ width 126 lbs weighted Maximum 275 lbs user can use. Loveable aspects of sunny health and fitness driven belt indoor spin bike SF – B1002/C

A continuous and smooth ride

I am a fan of its smooth ride. The outstanding performance of the 49 LB flywheel makes me crazy to ride again and again. Every time I ride it feels like I am riding on the long orbital road. The secure and comfortable driven belt ensures that I am going to have only the safest ride beyond the jerks and drags. Also, it will not make any kind of noise while riding or assembling so it has possibilities to use it even someone is sleeping right after you! Most people say that it may take time to get comfortable with the bike but when you will be comfortable, you will enjoy the desired workout.

Easy to assemble and adjust

If you are living in a smaller space and worried about where will you place the spin bike, then go for sunny health and fitness foldable exercise bike SF – B1002/2. The transportation wheels are foldable you can fold them after using them. It is very easy to set up because it doesn’t have any technically advanced features so you can easily assemble it in very little time. It is an effortless creation; to lift it you don’t need to lift heavy weight. Transportation wheels will easily lift it without effort.  

Other consideration

Pocket friendly

The exercise bikes in the market are very costly because it is the all in one fitness equipment. But the sunny health and fitness SF – 1002/C is the most affordable addition with all the basic features of the spin bike. you can get it for only $299 with free shipping around the globe. Sunny health and fitness have many other variations but it is the most recommended and most selling item of them.

A Most Basic Model

Cycling is not that easy for the ones who are just looking forward to starting it and having no prior experience. For this reason, the sunny health and fitness indoor spin bike model SF – 1002/C is the most convenient among all to get started on your fitness journey. The thing you must have in the basic fitness spin bike is the grip on handlebars and the customization of the comfortable seat, it does have it all. Handlebars provide a grip on the cycle so you will be more comfortable while riding. However, it doesn’t have the facility of holding a mobile or computer system so you will be needed your phone or tracking machine to track your exercise and entities. If you want to go for just a basic spin bike, then it’s a good choice but if you are looking for some advanced addition so you should not go for this at all.

For home use

It is a very convenient and easy-to-manage spin bike to be used at home. It doesn’t make noise and provides a jerk-free ride. It doesn’t equip half of the room but it can be placed in a little room. It has been designed especially for those who don’t want to go out to the gym or cycling and want to continue at home. It is also productive for working men and women, students, and people who don’t have enough time to fulfil their fitness goals. It may burn more than 250 calories in only 45 minutes. It is best to reduce belly fat and to strengthen the whole body muscles. You may take time to go into the depth of the bike but when you will be familiar with the bike you will have more interest in riding.

Pros & Cons

  • Heavier flywheel of 49 LB
  • Manual adjustable resistance
  • Durable
  • Sturdy and thick
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Effortless transportation wheels
  • Foldable
  • reasonable
  • Basic addition
  • No electrical features


Sunny health and fitness manual indoor exercise bike model 1002/C is the basic spin bike model and best for home use. It doesn’t have any advance or electronic features but the heavy flywheel of 46 LB makes the ride smoother and continuous with the manual resistance which is adjustable and you can easily adjust it with the simple knob according to your convenience. It can be easily folded when you don’t want it so that you can save the storage. It has a quick break of the system to save from any injury. The secure driven belt will help you to protect yourself from the drags while riding. Moreover, the convenient handlebars are the key for beginners to get a tight grip while riding. An adjustable seat will also help to practice the bike properly. Overall it is the best choice under the most affordable budget and market competent rates. It is composed of high-quality stainless steel. Although, it is durable and will last over years because the sturdy and high-quality structure will never make it useless. The feet straps are included to make the ride easy and safe. However, it has exposure to commercial fitness equipment so it is never going to disappoint you at any point. This is recommended because it has many splendid reviews by the consumers. Trainers also prefer this model to train beginners. Hope you will find it productive.