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Staying fit can be quite a hassle when you have to hit the gym daily, and then the pick and drop is also real big of a headache. But, what if we tell you that you can stay fit without breaking your bones in the gym?

Well, sunny health and fitness have launched a new fitness bike, and we are all ears to see whether it is worth it or not. So, we have examined, analyzed, and tested it to let you know what the tea is with this exercise bike.

So, stay tuned because you are going to read a pretty comprehensive review on this chair. Fasten your seat belt and dive right into it if you want to shed some extra pounds from the comfort of your home.



This fitness bike is every bit of motivation you need to stay in perfect shape always. It is really convenient to use, so even if you are a beginner and don’t know a lot about exercise bikes, you can still use them without any hassle.

It also contains a monitor that tells you time, calories, pulse, speed, and distance, which means it is a pretty basic monitor. The calorie count in the monitor is not accurate because it also depends upon different features like weight and age, so it is roughly an estimation.

The fitness bike is very low-maintenance, and you don’t have to put a lot of effort into moving it because its weight is also not overwhelming. It is a very basic, pocket-friendly but effective fitness bike that serves its purpose.

It keeps the extra weight at bay and makes you fit because you can pedal much faster with this fitness bike as compared to the ones available in the market, and it does not even harm your posture and spine.

People who want a perfect exercising bike that contains everything must consider the Sunny Health and Fitness Endurance Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Stationary Bike – SF-B1877 because it also contains a bottle and device holders.



  • Weight: 82.9 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 265 pounds
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Frame: Steel
  • Seat: Adjustable
  • Warranty: 3 years (frame)



This sleek and adorable fitness bike has features that will make you drool—so, excited already? Let’s get right into it.


1.     Comfortable Seating

The seating system of this exercise bike is pretty comfortable. The seat is covered by hard plastic and contains foam in it. The foam is of high density because it does not weigh down after long hours of exercising.

The seat, though it does not contain cropping for breathability yet, it is contoured, which makes it somehow breathable. The seating system does not support your spine, so you are up for some pretty hard-core workout.

Our favorite part of this chair was that it is highly adjustable so, no matter what is your height, you can always adjust the seat accordingly. The seat can bear up to 120 kg of weight so, it is for everyone precisely.

The seat also contains different grip systems and is also attached to the fitness monitor. If you are looking for an intermediate to an advanced workout regimen, go for this fitness bike because it is still pretty efficient despite being basic.


2.     Efficient Fitness Monitor

The fitness monitor of this bike is not very advanced, in fact, it is pretty basic, but it is very efficient. The monitor tracks your workout time, the distance you have covered during the workout, the estimation of calories, and your pulse rate.

It also shows the option of speed in miles. You can also adjust the speed by using the mode on the monitor. Start from the easiest and then make your way up to the more advanced options in the monitor.

The pulse rate can only be determined through the handles, so if you hold the handles properly while working out on this bike, it can only read your exact pulse rate. Also, the LED backlight is absent in the monitor, which is a deal-breaker because you cannot see it if you are working out in a slightly gloomy room.

The monitor of this fitness bike has one button, and it is used to select the mode of your exercise. This button is also used to reset the monitor. You can even clear your data by holding the button for a while.

If you are not using the bike for 4 minutes straight, the monitor will automatically turn off. It is also operated by two batteries so, you might need to change them once in a while, but overall, it is a pretty basic but efficient fitness monitor.


3.     Sturdy Frame

The frame of this exercising bike is strong and is made of steel. The frame is the combination of tubes that you have to combine upon arrival. The structure of the frame is slightly triangular to make sure it is sturdy.

In order to save the frame from corrosion, it is covered with paint that saves it from corroding, and your fitness bike stays in mint condition for longer. The main wheel of this frame is pretty aesthetic by looks and is chrome-plated.

The frame also contains different parts like a brake cover and flywheels. Most of which are made of plastic. But, the plastic that is used in the making of these parts is also pretty durable. Aso, it does not even decay with time.

The frame is heavier when it is not assembled, but one person can easily move it around once you assemble it into the bike. Also, the Sunny Health and Fitness Endurance Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Stationary Bike – SF-B1877 is slightly larger than the usual indoor fitness bikes.

The frame of this bike also gives the advantage to shorter people as it has a step-up bar. You can also perform different sorts of exercises on this bike by using this step-up feature, and you can even stretch your muscles with it.


4.     Great Resistance

If you are into spinning workouts, it is just the right chair for you because of its amazing resistance and consistent pedaling capacity. The fitness bike also gives you added inertia, and the flywheel of the bike is also pretty heavy, ensuring maximum efficiency.

You can even do reverse pedaling, which is really beneficial for swift weight loss. The flywheel can move in both directions, forward and reverse, and you can pedal in reverse with the same speed as you are pedaling forward.

The resistance of this bike is not that much to put pressure on your knees. Also, the structure of this bike ensures that your ankles and feet stay comfortable while you are pedaling because it is exercise, not a punishment.

Gone are the days of chain-driven bikes because the Sunny Health and Fitness Endurance Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Stationary Bike – SF-B1877 contains a belt that can make sure that you have a silent and smooth workout every single time.

The resistance system of this fitness bike also contains pedals that are convenient to spin on, and you can even replace them with the pedals of your choice from any shop. The pedals also provide protection to your toes, so; they are all in one.

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable seatDevice holder
  • Bottle holder
  • Sturdy frame
  • Wheels for transport
  • Smooth and silent usage
  • The belt on the flywheel
  • Low-maintenance
  • Contains pulse sensors
  • High weight capacity
  • Handlebars offer diverse grips
  • Tracks speed and calories
  • Easy to use
  • Assembles without hassle
  • The fitness monitor is basic
  • Calorie reading is just an estimation
  • No back support
  • The LED backlight is absent in the fitness monitor



Now that you know the tea about Sunny Health and Fitness Endurance Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Stationary Bike – SF-B1877, have you added this amazing fitness bike to your purchase list already?

After all the analysis, we concluded that this fitness bike is worth every penny because it is basic and easy to operate the bike and contains systems that even some of the advanced bikes do not have.

So, if you are looking for a bike that is good for intense exercises like spinning, you can always count on this fitness bike. It does have a few drawbacks, but its pros outshine its cons in all aspects.

So, wishing you a happy and fit day!