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We all know that avoiding workouts is all fun and games until your jeans don’t fit anymore and you go through an existential crisis every morning because of the back pain that comes with weight. Well, if you have finally decided to put all this aside and are determined to lose those extra pounds, then we are at your rescue.

Actually, it is more like the Nordic track commercial is at your rescue because you can just pedal your way through fitness with this cycle. So, excited to see what the tea is all about? Well, keep reading because we have used, analyzed and examined this fitness bike, and now we are here to review it for you.

Keep reading because you are in for a treat.

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle

This cycle could not get any better because it brings the whole gym to your doorstep, making it the best Nordic track commercial studio cycle. The biggest and most advertised benefit of this cycle is its 22-inch screen which actually is pretty great when you are working out as it is a touch screen and lets you control your speed, workout types and whatnot.

When I was using this cycle, I had access to more than 15k workouts, which means I never got to repeat any of the workouts and doing a new and modified workout daily motivates you a lot because you always are curious about what am I going to get today.

If you have ever gone to a spin bike training class, then recall that whole ambience and atmosphere; yes, this cycle brings the exact same vibe to your house, which is what thrilled and excited me the most.

When I was using it, I just used to hop on the cycle and play a spin video with an energetic song in the background, and it was really worth it. This bike not only is your fitness coach, but it is a complete experience of pedalling your way through better health.

You can also work out with the trainers and spinners all around the world no matter where you are, and it gave me a lot of motivation; seeing other people doing so much for their health really makes you question your life choices.

The seats, handlebars and pedals all are pretty comfortable, and I did not feel any discomfort or unease during the time I was testing this bike. My experience with the comfort of this bike is hands down best.

You can also do some upper body strength training with the dumbbells that come with this fitness bike. Also, the thing that made me a fan of this bike is its speaker system which most of the fitness bikes don’t have.

It is not like this bike is going to take up a lot of space because it is unexpectedly compatible and easy to move, so you can carry it and place it wherever you want, and you would not need a whole room just to store the bike.

It also comes with a Google map so you can even trace your riding trails which makes your home-cycling experience pretty real. You can also control the speed of the cycle, and the power incline and decline options are always available for you in case you want it.

You can even get live training with the help of the 22-inches screen of this bike in which you can interact with the trainers and get all the motivation you need to shed those stubborn pounds, at least I did.

The bike also lets you track your daily progress, and at the end of the day, you get all your stats, and you can even see how your strength increased with every passing day. When I did the spinning workout on this bike for the first time, I hardly did it for like 6-7 minutes, but after 15 days, I was able to sustain and workout for 20 minutes straight, and the duration kept on increasing, which is really amazing yet surprising for me.

The bike has 22 different types of resistance training, and it can burn your calories really fast if you are working out with consistency. The fitness bike is highly adjustable and has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds.

This bike is all about motivation because if tons of google Maps options, thousands of workouts, personal training and speeding options are not motivating you, I really don’t know how you can be motivated then.


  • Resistance: 24 levels
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Height: 59.9cm
  • Dimensions: 55 x 21.9 x 56.9 inches


The best Nordic track commercial studio cycle comes with a number of features that make it worth every penny. So, let’s find out what those features are:

1.     The Incredible Touch Screen

The touch screen is the biggest selling point of this cycle because it is 22-inches which most of fitness bikes obviously are not. It is also really easy to use, and just a few taps can do the deed for you because of its user-friendly nature.

The screen has a high resolution, which makes it easier for you to follow workouts and do the spin training through google maps while looking at natural landscapes on the screen. It gives you a close to reality experience.

You can also rotate the screen at 360 degrees which is yet another user-friendly feature of this screen. You can get access to so many workouts and trainers through this screen that this screen will become the centre of all your motivation and determination.

2.     Full-Body Workouts

If you think that the bike is only going to target your lower body and tone its muscles but what will happen to the upper body? Well, this bike is a complete package, and it has different options for your upper body workouts as well.

It comes with dumbbells so, when you are spinning, you can do some weighting lifting at the same time, and it helps to tone your upper body as well along with the lower body. How interesting it sounds, right?

The storage of dumbbells is right below the handlebars, so you can get them easily during the workout session. And if you are confused on how to incorporate your upper body workouts in your workout routine, then there are complete videos on the iFit of this bike in which you can figure out how to add these upper body exercises while riding the fitness bike.

3.     Membership Options

This bike comes with a membership option on iFit, and you just have to pay $39 to unlock the boundless possibilities and ways of losing your stubborn fat. Also, the membership is worth every penny because of its diverse benefits.

Also, you get the initial 30-days membership of the iFit free when you purchase this bike, so it means you can stream live workouts and choose the best of the best among these that too, free of cost for 30 days.

You can also add 5 people to your iFit, and you all can work out together no matter in which country those people are. It is the best Nordic track commercial studio cycle because it even gives you an opportunity to interact with professional trainers and up your training game like never before.

4.     Impeccable Resistance System

The resistance system of this fitness bike is what makes it the finest one. Whether you want to lose weight fast or you don’t want to put a lot of pressure on your body and want to take baby steps, this bike has something for everyone.

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It has around 22 levels of resistance training, so whether you are a beginner in training or a pro, you can get your desired level in this fitness bike. Along with strength training, you can also get different types of cardio exercises to make your weight loss journey easier and faster than ever.

If you are not into the bikes that make a lot of noises while operating, then this fitness bike is made for you because when you are using it, you will notice that it has noiseless resistance no matter how much you use it, it will remain silent.


5.     Comfortable To Use

This fitness cycle is all about comfort, and when you are losing weight, you don’t want to exhaust yourself because it takes away all the motivation, and for that, you need the bike to be a little comfortable. This fitness bike comes with caged peddles to ensure that your feet are comfortable and stable during intense workouts because you cannot risk stability when working out on one such bike.

The bike is also suitable for people of all heights with its adjustable saddle. You don’t have to sit on your fitness bike uncomfortably just because you are taller because the best Nordic track commercial studio cycle has got you covered now. You can adjust the saddle of this bike both vertically and horizontally.

Moreover, the saddle is padded, which means you are going to get premium comfort and performance in one bike. If you don’t like the saddles, you can also get the cycle ones if you are into them because this bike is open for customization.

6.     Extra Perks

Along with all the great features, this fitness bike comes with some extra perks as well, which add a lot to the overall performance and popularity of this bike. The warranty of this fitness bike is worth mentioning. The reliable and strong frame of this cycle comes with a warranty of 10 years; yes, you heard it right, 10 years.

If any of the parts are non-functional or faulty, its warranty will be of two years, and the labour warranty is one year which is really generous of the brand because we don’t usually get to see such amazing warranties with any fitness bike.

The bike is really compact, and you can place it literally anywhere you want. The cherry on top is that it comes with a speaker, and what is better than that? It elevates the ambience and makes you feel as if you are in a studio.

The bike also has wheels so you can move it around easily, and you don’t have to put extra effort into it. Also, the bike can detect your pulse rate, and you can even collect the data of your heart rate in the iFit to have a track of your cardiovascular health in the long run.

Pros & Cons

  • 22 inches screen
  • Personalized training
  • Thousands of workouts
  • Access to google maps
  • Tracking of progress
  • Inbuilt wire-less speakers
  • Strong and reliable frame
  • Compact design
  • Padded saddle for comfort
  • Caged pedals for stability
  • Membership options
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Slightly expensive


The best Nordic track commercial studio cycle truly is a studio cycle that brings the trainer and the gym into your living room. You don’t have to worry about taking out time to go to the gym anymore because this cycle is the solution to all your problems.

It also gives you an opportunity to get rid of the calories faster, and who would want to lose this golden opportunity? But make sure to start from basic workouts if you are a beginner, or otherwise the fatigue will be unbearable; been there, done that.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy training!