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We’re already reviewed JOROTO X1s & Xm16 which are built with modern designed technology but are limited when it comes to the majority of functionality. On the other hand, JOROTO X2 bike is well-structured with all the mechanisms to help users with their exercise. This bike looks like the exercising machine in the gym which is adjustable & helps users do the kind of workout they are willing to do despite being at home.

 This flywheel bike is designed in a fully adjustable way so that the users can adjust the seat, handlebars according to their most comfortable position & can work out in the best possible posture. The specifications & features are described most comprehensively so if you’re looking to purchase the best indoor cycling bike, this is going to make the decision easier & stress-free for you.


  • Flywheel: 30 Ibs high quality.
  • User weight: 280 Max.
  • Frame tube: 50mm thick.
  • Adjustment knobs: Total 4
  • Digital Monitor: shows Time, Speed, Distance, Calories.
  • Resistance system: Magnetic
  • Seat Size: 10.6 L, 8.3 W, 4.3 inches.
  • Pedals style: Caged. (Steel toe-caged pedals)
  • Bottles holders: Available
  • Mobile holder: Available
  • Drive Mechanism: Quiet belt driven
  • Handles: Solid with thick rubber grip.

1. Stability:

It is solid & stable on the ground as an indoor exercising bike, the structure of the bike is well-built & well-grounded. It has wide stabilizers which ensure safety while performing excessive riding exercises using JOROTO X2 indoor bikes.

2. Adjustability:

Adjustability in terms of the seat is quite amazing since the seat is big & cushioned. It can be adjusted forward & backward. The space is over a foot of adjustability in the seat height so if you are up to 6’2 it will work best otherwise you might be pushing the limits of the bike. Coming to the adjustability of pedals, styled in steel, has a strap & a toe cover. Although these pedals were never meant to be in an indoor exercising bike so this can be upgraded but overall it can be adjusted according to the rider’s height.

3. Comfort:

Since JOROTO X2 has adjustments available & can be set accordingly so the whole ride, & exercise comfort is based on the seat, handlebars, resistance, & flywheel adjustments which can be adjusted according to the height & level of riding exercise. The seat knob works so easily you just have to pull & it goes down. This gives the feeling of any solid studio spin bike, it’s way better than all the home gym bikes one could come across. The seat is comfortable & it’s nice, big & cushioned and will be liked by any beginner cyclist. (But if you’re an experienced cyclist you will like it to be upgraded to something sleeker, like a racing seat.) Whether it be road or mountain cycle it should be a Narrow & low profile design & most comfortable for those who have a long time on the saddle.

4. Solid Handlebars:

There are three adjustable handles to attach the seat & handles. The handles are equally solid with a thick rubber grip, probably hot-dipped so no amount of sweaty hands can cause the grip to deteriorate.

5. Multifunctional Mobile & Water Bottle Holder:

JOROTO X2 indoor bike also has a water bottle holder which can hold a Large Camelback comfortably on one side and it has a cellphone holder on the other side.

6. Magnetic Resistance System:

There are a total of 6 non-fiction quiet magnetic belts given which create great magnetic resistance & make the indoor riding experience comfortable & smooth. Watching TV, taking online spin bike riding classes, or having a conversation won’t be disturbed by riding. This feature is a WIN for JOROTO X2 Indoor Spin Bike.

7. Built Material Quality:

Built-in material quality is outclassed, JOROTO X2 has a Load-bearing frame that ensures safety, has a thick front support tube, wide stabilizers to ensure stability & along with it, has a protection belt from sweat corrosion. Quality is especially considered to increase the effective performance of indoor riders. Riding on JOROTO X2 for a long time is not going to invite any difficulty as it is the best structured indoor riding bike.

8. Digital Monitor to Track Data:

Monitoring workout progress is important & essential for a spin bike, JOROTO X2 riding bike has a digital computer that monitors the progress & shows data. It helps follow up on the time, speed, distance & calories.


JOROTO X2 indoor cycling bike is the best modern bike on the market. It is one of the quietest & smoothest bikes out there due to its belt-driven system & magnetic resistance. These features make it an absolute favorite among spin bikes enthusiasts. It doesn’t only provide a smooth ride but it also provides a lot of adjustability of the wider seat and handlebars that enables the user to customize it to fit their size. The transportation wheels come along with the bike for movement.

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It has a stable & strong AV frame system. These all features make it an amazing compact bike. If you want to be diverse in your workouts the flywheel allows you to pedal & reverse since it is bi-directional. The magnetic resistance system uses a heavy-duty belt & doesn’t require you to constantly lubricate its transmission And since the magnetic doesn’t have preset resistance setting on the tension dial, so if you want to increase the resistance you need to turn the knob clockwise & the magnetic brake will move closer to the flywheel.

The paddles have spd clips for spin shoes & adjustable toe-cages that allow you to secure feet on them. It also has a standard collar-based attachment system to the slider element which allows you to replace it if you want to. The multi-use holder allows you to fit smartphones & tablets to check your workout stats separately from the digital monitor which is attached while also giving you the option to fit your water bottles.

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable & convenient.
  • Stable & strong AV frame system
  • Solid structure.
  • Assembled easily in no time.
  • Easy user guides are provided along.
  • Multifunctional holder with strong support.
  • Adjustable stabilizers on both base bars.
  • A fully mechanical brake that doesn’t use any external power source.
  • 4-ways adjustable seat. Up, down, forward, & backward.
  • Emergency stop brakes are provided along.
  • Transportation wheels are provided for relocating easily.
  • No backlight on the exercise
  • Doesn’t have a pulse reading feature.
  • The LCD monitor is basic.
  • Handlebars don’t have any sensors.


There are probably beginners & regular riders who might be looking for the best bike in terms of pricing, specifications, features & wondering if having a JOROTO X2 will be worth the purchase & if this brings them closer to their exercising & workout goals. Well, JOROTO X2 indoor cycling bike is an amazing cost-effective Peloton substitute. It can impress riders with the whisper-quiet belt drive, overall fit, well-structured solid body. The bike is easy to roll around on its front wheels. Unlike the racer seat, the JOROTO X2 seat feels wide but it is much more comfortable and the adjustment range for handlebars and seat is quite great.