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In contrast with x1s and x2 models that we have already reviewed, the JOROTO Xm16 is an indoor cycling bike operated with a magnetic resistance system. It is not too different from the x1and x2 models, yet it does offer some extra features. In terms of its specification, this indoor bike can be compared to joroto x2 model which has almost the same flywheel, bike adjustability, and solid structure which is liked by many users. In addition, seat texture is also different and much better for a tall person.

However, we are pleased with the product Joroto has introduced but before using it, it’s essential to know the utmost traits of this indoor cycling bike.

When we talk about health and fitness, most people pop up with the idea of the gymnasium. Not all are fond of pulling weights and heavy pieces of machinery, some likes to do it with a small push that strengthen their muscular fitness as well as cardiovascular activities that includes many other options like cycling and swimming and hill walking too and if you are one of them then this article will be a good read of the day for you


  • Flywheel weight: 30 lbs
  • Gross weight: 92.5
  • Net weight: 79.3 lbs
  • Adjustable seat
  • Black Color
  • Belt-Drive system
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Monitor Performance: Speed, Time, RPM, Calories burned

Let’s take a deep dive into its general specifications

Durable structure

The bike has a sturdy structure and possesses a triangle shape made of steel tubes and durable thermoplastic material mostly around the wheel to support its chrome-plated flywheel. It is suitable for people up to the weight of 280 pounds. Other steel tubes are covered with a high coating of black paint. The bike is recommended for 5’4- 6’5 height users however if you are not sure about your height according to your weight then you can easily measure your inner thigh to ankle to know if the parts of the bike support your weight. This cycling bike is easily accessible at any place of your home by moving its flywheel by yourself. You don’t need a second hand to move it back and forth.

Belt Drive System

The JOROTO XM16 contains a manually operated magnetic resistance that helps it to maintain a frictionless ride. The purpose of this system is to make it a quiet and smooth ride without disturbing other’s privacy. The bike has a poly-V belt system that allows it to maintain a scrap-less ride so you don’t have to make extra efforts. Lastly, its belt system does not require any lubrication as compared to the chain-driven system, so you don’t have to bother about its lubrication every couple of months.

Smooth and noiseless

Its magnetic resistance system contains 7 magnets that create tension after increasing their speed as the magnets come closer to the fly-wheel. The tension it generates makes the ride smooth and noiseless. Its Pedals are quite smooth due to its belt-driven system which makes sure to give a quiet ride to its users. The bike has a thin Q-factor that allows its pedals to maintain a natural distance between the user’s leg.

Padded cushion seat

Its thick layer of foam-padded gives a comfortable ride to its users. The top cover of the seat is made of a durable texture that is easy to maintain for long period. It’s slightly contoured in the center which makes it breathable. The seat is four-way adjustable (up-down-left-right) so you can set it according to your height and have a pleasurable ride.

Four-Dimensional handle-bars

On the console, there is a built-in holder for tablets or smartphones that do not cover the monitor’s screen. Especially for Netflix lovers, it is a good way to exercise. So you can easily get rid of your fat while watching your favorite series. Moreover, there is a bottle holder to keep your water bottle with you while exercise so that you can maintain your hydration level throughout exercise. However, the monitors can only record your workout progress so you cannot expect them to control your heart rate until an external device would be attached.

Simple to assemble

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Its semi-assembled parts are another factor of buying as most of the parts are attached already so you just need to put them together to get it fixed. One person can assemble it within an hour as the package comes with an instruction manual. Although, the bike is quite heavy to carry so one should keep it in mind while going for its purchase, but once it’s assembled is can be moved anywhere through its transporting wheels.


The bike does not require any maintenance except cleaning it after every workout. You only need to wipe the sweats which might fall during exercise. According to its size, it does not cover too much space. A time to time check on the functions of the bike and parts is suggested.


The company provides a 1-Year free parts replacement warranty.

Pros & Cons

  • Time, speed, RPM, burned calories are displayed on an LCD monitor
  • Semi assembled parts
  • Handlebars and seats are adjustable to practice a variety of exercises
  • Does not require any extra maintenance
  • Transport wheels make it easy to move from one place to another
  • Frictionless magnetic resistance
  • Built-in tablet and bottle holders
  • Belt driven system for a smooth and silent ride
  • Foam padded seat
  • Its monitor has no display backlight
  • No pulse rate reading function
  • No Bluetooth connectivity


JOROTO XM16 cycling bike is designed for indoor exercises for cardio and gym workouts, equipped with magnetic resistance, a 30 lbs flywheel, and a monitor to record workout progress. A four-way adjustable seat along with four direction changing holders makes it a hassle-free ride. No maintenance is needed for any part of the bike due to manually operated systems. The monitor’s progress automatically stops after few minutes of its inactivity. It is advantageous for stamina development, weight loss and also helps in toning muscles. Talking about its price range, this bike is quite affordable compared to other models.