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Top 10 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes For Seniors 2021

Normally, as people grow older they become more inactive. They spend more time sitting or lying in their homes which is not good for their health at all. Research revealed that regular physical activities and exercise improves mental and physical health of older people. Now, many older people cannot get up in the morning and […]

Top 10 Best Indoor Cycling Bikes Under $500 – 2021

There are so many types of indoor cycling bikes in the market. Which one should I buy? Which one would help me to achieve my fitness goals? How much money should I spend? Finding answers to these questions is imperative before purchasing your indoor exercise bike. First and foremost, you need to know about different […]

Best Spin Bikes Under $500 – Fitnessbikereview

Laziness becomes my best friend when I say I need to work out. It’s become a difficult task for me when I try to move in different exercises position. This is not only my problem but the problem of many struggling people who want to burn their calories but can’t. On the other hand, it […]

What is a Spin Bike? Indoor Cycling Tips and Benefits

A spin bike is a piece of updated equipment for exercise. The spin bike is also known as a stationary bike and exercise bike. It is indoor equipment that can be found at fitness studios and gyms. It is dedicated to providing a full-body workout at once. A spin bike is the best utensil to […]

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